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Water Softener Maintenance Best Water Softener Guide

Water Softener Maintenance

Home water softening systems are a worthwhile, yet sometimes costly, purchase. It can mean great benefits for your home and your family. In order to receive the best benefits from water softeners, it is important that you keep it in good condition. Most systems require very little maintenance, but if they are not properly kept up big problems can occur.


Bridging occurs when the water softener has gone through multiple cleaning cycles and has dissolved all of the salt in the bottom of the brine tank. What is left is a “bridge” of hard salt above the water line.

When the softener goes through a part of regeneration known as the ‘brine draw’, instead of getting a strong sodium chloride solution, it gets straight water. You don’t want this to happen. In order to fix it, you have to physically break apart the tough bridge until it falls into the water below.


When salt is not properly cleaned from a brine tank, clumping can occur. The left over salt begins to clump into gooey masses inside the brine tank. It can take some serious work to get these out. When clumping gets really bad, the water level inside the tank can rise and slip out onto the floor.

Water Softener Maintenance

Maintaining Your Water Softener

Most water softener systems require very little maintenance. It is mainly a matter of making sure nothing goes wrong and preventing potential issues. Below you will find a few simply ways you can make sure that you are maintaining your home water softening system to its full potential.

Read the manual:

This seems obvious, but manuals are often overlooked. Learn the details about your specific model and what it needs to properly function. If given, follow included directions for installation and cleaning. Water systems come in a variety of models and sizes, it is important you know what works best for yours.

Check salt levels:

Salt is an essential part of most tradition water softeners. It regenerates the resin beads to prepare them for more softening. Without salt, the beads would remain ineffective. Be sure you are adding salt to your system regularly and it has the correct amount it needs for your water to remain soft.

Also, be sure you are adding the correct type of salt. Check back to the user manual to see what specific type of salt is needed for you model.

Keep it clean:

You should conduct a regular inspection of your water softening system every 2-3 months. You will want to look for problems inside the brine tank, specifically a solid build-up of salt. Bridging can cause serious problems for your tank and water. You want the salt to come in contact with the salt and keep your water soft. Be sure to break those up bridges when they occur.

However, the occurrence of a bridge means that it is time to give your system a thorough cleaning, or else the bridges will reoccur at a much faster rate. Cleaning should take place every 6-8 months depending on the model and age of your system.

Again, the systems do not require much maintenance, but these small steps can ensure last results and quality water. For More Info. Visit Best Water Softener Guide

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Saltless Water Softeners – Salt Free Water Softener Reviews Comparison

Saltless Water Softeners

Finding The Right Saltless Water Softener

Hard water is a problem across the US causing lots of frustrations but finding the right saltless water softener can also cause frustrations.  With so many options on the market, it can leave home owners feeling anxiety.  Which is the best system?  What type of system?  There are many options and ensuring that you go with the right saltless water softener system can be crucial to your investment.

Saltless Water Softeners

So How To Find The Right Saltless System?

Finding the right saltless water softener system depends on a few things.  Always check to ensure that the system in mind has been third party tested.  Many systems out there may seem to look good and may have lots of good information but do they really work?

The second thing you should look at is the reviews.  Try and look deep on the web to see any information about that company.  You can always search the brand name and “reviews” or “scam” to see the results.  If there are any negative reviews you should find them.

Some companies will hide all their negative reviews on their site but if you search the web you will find them.  Note that not any company can have 100% positive reviews but if you can see that the majority are positive, that is a great start.

Next, you should try and ensure that the company that you go with has a great warranty and a guarantee.  Do they guarantee that their saltless water softener will work for a certain amount of time?  Do they guarantee the parts will work?  Also, do they have warranties on their systems to ensure that if something happened down the road to be sure that your system is covered?

Always do your research to ensure that your saltless water softener system that you are looking for is certainly one that is going to last for a very long time.

What About Salt Softeners?

Salt water softeners are quickly becoming the last option for hard water problems.  While salt water softeners do work, they are a thing of the past.  Adding salt each month and wasting water each day, people are looking for a better alternative.  Of course salt systems work but at what cost?  We are in need of water and to waste water when we need it so bad just seems like a very wasteful decision.

Salt water softeners also require lots of maintenance and remove the good minerals in our water (calcium and magnesium).  Satless water softeners require no maintenance and do not hurt the environment.  They do not waste any water and they leave those beneficial minerals in our water.

What About Local Companies Who Install?

Should you go online for your saltless water softener purchase or is it better to go with a local saltless water softener company.  Going local is always going to be more expensive.

We never recommend anyone going local because typically these local companies will mask the price of the installation and include it in the product.  They then end up charging you $4,000 or even more for an all inclusive system.

When in reality, you can buy a saltless water softener system online and find a local installer for a few hundred bucks which will end up saving you thousands of dollars.

Local saltless water softener companies typically use high pressure sales tactics and often are non-trustworthy.  Always do your research online and go with a company who is not going to try and sell you every step of the way.

Things To Look For When Deciding On A Company

As a recap, go with a company that offers great customer service, great warranties, amazing reviews & a guarantee.  Look for a company that offers a 90 day money back trial period so that you can test the system to ensure that it is working the way it was suppose to work.

Purchasing a saltless water softener doesn’t have to be a long, exhausting process.  Do your research and go with a company that you can trust. For More Info. Visit Best Water Softener Guide

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