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How does a Water Softener affect your Hot Water Heater?

Here we are basically talking about two different systems, Water Softener and the Water Heater.

The Water Softener performs the task of softening the water, turns the hard water to soft. These hard waters will have a high amount of hard minerals like the Calcium and Magnesium in it. The softeners replace the hard minerals with salt, giving you soft water in the result.

Taking the hard minerals into consideration, it does not have any potential benefit to any appliance. So does the softening effect the performance of other systems like Water Heater?

How does a Water Softener affect your Hot Water Heater

The hardness of the water is caused by the high levels of magnesium and calcium in the water. Water Softeners help in reducing the level of hard minerals, and they are generally replaced with the salt elements. Softeners are connected near the inlet of the water supply, and the water is treated in the softener and then passed to the user for use.

How does a Water Softener affect your Hot Water Heater

A process called the ion exchange takes place, where the hard ions are replaced with the sodium ions. Later, as soon as the salt level reduces the system undergoes a regeneration process where the salt level is again brought in the right level.

Average Lifespan of Water Heater

If regular maintenance is carried out for the water heater, then it can smoothly run for a time period of 8 to 12 years. As soon as this time period passes, you can think about buying a new heater for yourself.

Again there are types in water heaters; one is tankless and the other one is a tank based heater. The tankless water heater mostly has the on-demand setup, which makes it last longer than the standard water heaters.

Also, all the water heaters arrive with a serial number on it that determines the age of the appliance.

Another obvious thing, if you are not taking proper care of the machine then it’s ought to get damaged in a short time.

Is hard water not suitable for a Water Heater?

Hard Water is not suitable for any appliance which depends on water for the working. It includes almost all the machines like the Water Heater, Water Sprinkler, Water Sprinklers, Faucet systems, Refrigerators and all the plumbing setup.

If proper cleaning and treatment are not carried out, then you will find limescale and other sediment buildups inside the piping of the system. This will eventually damage the whole water heater. In that case, you could install a Water Softener, and make the water soft first before passing it to the water heater.

Another good read, where waterpeek answered every water softener related questions. You can read it for better insight and understanding on Water Softeners.

That’s probably the only effective solution to maintain your heater from the ill effects of hard water. So, get a water softener and protect your heater. Maintain your water softener, and make sure that you perform regular regeneration to keep the salt level in control. This will ensure a good life of all the appliances, including the hot water heater.

My answer – Yes, water softener affects your water heater but in a good way. To keep up this thing, you need to make sure that your softener is working in the right way. Both the things go hand in hand.

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