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Buyer’s Guide

Buying a water softener doesn’t have to be hard but it will require the right research to find that right company.  While there are a lot of good companies out there, there also some pretty scammy companies as well.  When looking for a water softener, always do your own research.

Conduct as much research as you can by calling companies and asking questions.  Do not buy off impulse.  The companies that have slimy sales tactics pray on people who are impulse buyers.  Always do your own research and never be in a hurry to buy a system.  The sales people will smell the blood.

Below are a few things that you should look for in a company when trying to decide which company to go with.

Buyers Guide


With such an expensive purchase, you will want to ensure that the company that you are thinking of going with has a warranty in place.  While it will be impossible for a company to have a lifetime warranty on the entire system, look to see if they have a lifetime warranty on the tank and the valves.

The tank and the valves are usually the two parts that might break over the years and you will want to ensure that you will have a warranty on those parts.

Money-Back Guarantee

How do you know that the system you are buying from a company is even going to work?  Always go with a company that offer a 90 day money back guarantee.  If they cannot offer you this guarantee then their products do not work.

It’s that simple.  A company that knows there product works will happily be able to offer that 90 day money back guarantee because they know very few people will return their water softener system.

Quality Products

Some companies use cheap parts to keep the price of the product low.  Just taking a look at the pictures you can tell a quality product from a crappy product.  If a product is too good to be true as the price is just so low, it is probably not a good water softener system.  You will be looking to spend about $1,000 for a good water softener system.

Proven Results

See if the company that you are interested in has some sort of results.  If there is nothing to back up their claims, how do you know their systems even work?  See if they have any third party studies on how effective their water softener system is.  The good companies out there will have these results.

Great Customer Support

When purchasing a salt free water softener system you will be working with this company for a long time.  Think about it…  You will be purchasing parts from them or if something were ever to happen with your system or you needed any support down the road.  You want to go with a company that will be there for awhile and a company that is always there to help you with whatever issues you might have.

From a company standpoint once they get that sale from you, you are essentially worthless to them.  They are off to find new customers because they already got the money from you.  However, there are companies that know that customer service goes a long ways and referrals are huge in the water softener industry.

Let Their Products Do The Talking

I hate being sold and I am sure you hate being sold too.  Don’t go with a company that tries to sell you every step of the way.  Go with a company that let their reviews, their service and their products do the talking.  A good company with good products will not have to sell you on their products.  Their products should already do the selling. For More Info. Visit Best Water Softener Guide

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